This is the 9th Level

Welcome to 9th Level Coaching

My name is Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters, and I am a personal
development coach. My career
as an international artist led me early on to ask the questions:
– what can I do to inspire people to realize their full potential?
– what holds us back?
These questions led me, over time, to train as a development coach.


I work with individuals and with groups, in both private and professional situations. My main areas of work are:

– releasing toxic elements of your history

– clarifying your goals

– enhancing your communication

– taking action

I have helped people overcome debilitating fears and doubts, and realize projects they had only dreamed of for years.

If you are interested in coaching and what it can do for you, feel free to look around the site.

About elisabethclarke1

I have been a dancer, an actress, a choreographer, a teacher and a mother. I use all that I have learned to coach people, to inspire them and empower them. I believe that everyone can find a lasting solution to their difficulties and attain happiness if they look in the right place: at the 9th level.
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