The 9th Level takes its name from a Buddhist principle which postulates nine levels of consciousness. The ninth level is a consciousness untainted by habits, worries or faults. Tapping the ninth level enables you to experience your daily life and make your decisions from a place of innate wisdom and equilibrium. It also unleashes the strength you need to act on those decisions.

How does coaching work?

Although coaching sometimes seems akin to therapy, the basic difference is that therapy is concerned with the past to understand the present, whereas coaching works with the present to form the future. Coaching is a way to guide you to and help you to ask the questions of yourself that you need in order to get the answers you’re looking for. The goal of coaching is always action, whereby you, not your coach, define which action to take.

Why the 9th Level?

Looking at things on a superficial level can show which steps seem to be the ones that will produce changes; however, if you don’t change the attitudes that have caused you to be where you are, all changes will be short-lived. The 9th Level enables you to shift fundamentally, so that the steps which arise from this shift will take you in the direction you want, with lasting effect.

What can you expect from me as your coach?

As your coach I will listen to what you say and stay on target even when you begin to stray. I will help you give up your excuses and define concrete steps you need to take towards your goal. I will help you commit to taking these steps. I will respect you and your decisions, and allow you to determine the speed of the process. You can expect absolute discretion from me about anything you reveal during the coaching process.

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