Introducing the course Living as Art

Literature, painting, music, dance: they all have one thing in common. It is the conscious decision on the part of the artist to take what he/she finds in the world and make something that wasn’t there before, something that will move those who are exposed to it to consider their lives and their world in a new and deeper way. It isn’t so much what the artist does, but rather the intention with which she/he does it that makes art.
Imagine living your life with the same intention as an artist. Imagine seeing your life as something you intentionally create.

I have chosen six areas/themes to examine using the artist’s view: liberation, creation, responsibility, prosperity, communication and purpose. Each of these themes is concerned with the self, intention and the world around us. They are both philosophical and intensely practical. The goals of this course are to expand your definition of each theme, to give you the means of removing habits and thoughts which block your development in these areas, and to provide you with the means to create the progress you desire.

The course

This course is designed to move your life forward in all areas. It is possible to participate in just one or several of the workshops if you want to turn a spotlight on just a certain area of your life. Because the themes are interconnected, however, the greater benefit comes from taking the entire course.
The methods used include painting, writing and movement, as well as dialogue and discussion. Your level of competence or experience in any of these fields is of no importance. The process is what matters, and your results may very well surprise you.
The two-day workshops will take place every other month. Participants who sign up for the entire course will also have the opportunity to meet for a “review and refresh” coaching day in the intervening months.

Workshop 1: The Art of Liberation

This workshop prepares the ground for all the following workshops of the course. In it, you will be shown simple and powerful techniques for freeing yourself from limiting beliefs. You will learn to move from involvement with the past to awareness in the present, from where you will be free to welcome your future.

When?   Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27, from 11:00 to 15:00
Where?  Studio-Atelier-Lukas-Thiel, Rheinstrasse 34, 12161 Berlin
How much?  22o,- €
Where do I sign up?   See the Contact page

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