Individual Coaching

If you are experiencing a lack of clarity about your goals and how to achieve them, or if you have a project that seems to be “stuck”, then I can recommend individual coaching. This one-on-one work can help you to get beyond the excuses that are holding you back by questioning the assumptions you have made about yourself and the world around you.

The coaching process begins with a clear definition of your goal. It then moves on to identifying hindrances and developing strategies to remove them, as well as defining concrete steps you can take towards achieving your goal. Furthermore, we will energize your goal by connecting it to your deeper sense of purpose.

The process ends with an evaluation: have you reached your goal or completed your project? What else has changed along the way? Have new opportunities appeared, or new questions surfaced?

The greater the curiosity, openness and commitment you bring to the process, the more you will benefit from it. You are the person who will decide how fast and how deep the process will go. I can make recommendations, but ultimately this is about your life and the fundamental change you can effect by working from the 9th Level.

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